Korean Air Internship for International Students at winter 2011

Korean Air is planning on a Winter Internship Program for talented foreign students in Korea. To provide exact information for the candidates, your positive cooperation and sincere support will be appreciated.

1. Internship Period: 2011. 1. 24-2011. 2. 25 (5 WEEKS)
2. Internship Department : Departments on International Passenger/Cargo Network
3. Origin Country(9countries) : Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
4. Qualification Standard
– Class of Feb/ Aug 2011 (including students already graduated)
– Foreign Student Visa(D-2), Korean Bilingual will be reviewed with preference
– English Proficiency (TOEIC (over 750) or TEPS(over 630) score holders preferred)

5. Required Documents
– International Application (Attached Company Format)
– Transcript(Grades) from current school
– TOEIC or TEOPS score certificate (original)

6. Reference
-After completion of the internship program, Korean Air will evaluate the performance and will provide opportunity for future employment
-Please send all necessary documents to Korean Air Human Resources (HR) Department Personnel (juneyrhee@koreanair.com) by attachments
-File name must be the name of the applicants (ex. JYRHEE.doc)

7. Contact Info
:02-2656-7338 (Rhee, June Young)

Formulir can be download at: Form registrations


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6 responses to “Korean Air Internship for International Students at winter 2011

  1. how about using TOEFL test score instead of TOIEC? :S

  2. Hi everyone at Korean Air Internship for International Students at winter 2011 | Its my SKOREA life Note!! I just stopped by to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a nice holiday! Cheers from Everyone

    • Calibre

      Hi.Happy new year everyone. wanted to know about the results of KA internship.Was that announced? if anyone knows about it would be glad to know some info about that.thx!

  3. Arya

    mau tanya, kalau setelah ini ada lagi gak?

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